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Fluxos de negócios em plataforma LowCode com Inteligência Artificial

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Você quer o produto ou também o serviço?

- Comece pela consultoria e depois internalize;
- Faça sempre com a consultoria e faça pequenos ajustes internos;
- Faça 100% pelo seu time interno;

Seu sistema não tem limites
- Integre com SAP, SAP B1, Totvs, Bling, TinyERP, sob medida e mais;

Sistemas de longo prazo com custo benefício
- Sistema robusto, com mais de 20 anos de existência e atualizado todos os meses para melhores gratuitas e correção de bugs.

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Creating custom workflow projects

Create custom projects on the Fusion by Neomind platform with Inova E-Business, with schedule, manager and project leader.


Access to the technical team and demands in real time

You can interact directly with the technical team easily, without pre-support or bureaucracy.


Capture of requirements in situ and documented

We come to you and capture all the platform requirements.


Easy, fast and effective support

Get access to everyone in a simple way, we serve via Skype, telephone and emergency in other ways.

The best BPM platform with the best support, consulting and customization

Choosing the best platform was not easy. But now that you've chosen, it makes sense to select the best team to enable your customization projects, with solid and available support, to reach Fusion's full potential. At Inova E-Business your company will find a team ready to meet your demands.


Our success stories

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Inova created several flows, with the purpose of facilitating the entire process of the company. AkzoNobel owns several brands such as the famous Coral and Suvinil.

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Be part of more than 250 customers who trust our technology.

Neomind fusion.png
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