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We develop Apps in
Android and iOS


- Team composed of certified engineers, architects and analysts;
- Integration with e-commerce, marketplace and ERP platforms;
- Complete and flexible administration, with the best market standards;
- Delivery of source code, regardless of continuity;
- Maintenance of projects already conceived in other companies;
- Support and preventive maintenance;
- Experience with Apps from all industry and retail niches;
- Adaptation of the business model ITIL, ISO, MPS.BR and CMMI.

We develop projects for the United States attentive to the quality standards and necessary standards.


Your App with Inova is like this



Your app is born cross-platform: Android and iOS. You don't have to worry about parallel developments on both platforms, which means time and investment savings.



One of our main focuses in development is performance, with parameterized measurements of app speed. For this reason, we are constantly working to improve the experience of using the applications.



Our apps meet the latest visual standards on the market (Material Design and Human Interface, Google and Apple standards). In this way, in addition to being elegant, we managed to guarantee a homogeneous user experience and reduce any learning curve in using the applications.



All apps have an administrative environment. This provides autonomy for changing content and settings without requiring Inova's intervention.


Google Play and App Store

Once it's ready, the next step for your app is to show it to the world! We publish your app on Google Play and App Store following the specifications of each store, so you can guarantee good visibility and success.


The code is yours

It sounds surprising, but this does not always happen in the market. If the code is not yours, any future modification will depend on new contracts and even undesirable values, leaving your company's hands tied since only the owner of the code will be able to modify it. With Inova you have the code at the end of the project and you can sleep peacefully.

Understand all the steps



We set up the wireframe to think together with you where "everything will go".

Who already uses our technology


A native application for iOS and Android, fully integrated with Tradeback's flow and billing systems, allows the end customer to exchange their accumulated points for products or services, which are the core of Tradeback's business. The app plays a crucial role in this process.

Medium-sized Brazilian company

Hypera Pharma.png

The renowned Hypera Pharma relied on the expertise of Inova e-Business to develop its benefits platform, called the Uny Program. To make the project viable, the team created the entire structure, middleware, application and also made adjustments to the Vtex platform. In just three months, the project was up and running and is currently operating at full efficiency.

Large Brazilian company

Alliance Sonae.png

The BRMalls & Aliansce Sonae application was developed by Inova e-Business, with a team fully dedicated and engaged in the project, involving several areas to create this application aimed at the malls of these chains. Delivery was carried out in record time, covering all technical security aspects, and relied on teams specialized in middleware, applications, administrative environment, security, management and operations.

LargeBrazilian company with large American capital


Unilever sought to develop a benefits program for its customers, however, it did not have detailed information about them. Inova collaborated in the creation of a complete mechanism for identification and integration with the invoice and point systems. In addition, the project included the execution of an appropriate application, middleware and administrative environment.

Large American company

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